How does it work? How is it made?



In a former life, I was working for a big telecommunication company (the French historic one). Then, one day, the retirement! To occupy myself (rare), I told to myself: Why don't you share what you have in your brain, in your computer, and on paper with people? Well, I had to take the step...

There are many people who would like to create a website but don't have things to put on. There are others who have many things to put on a website, but don't know how to do it. Lucky me, there was Thomas (Hericier).

Thomas is the last intern from the several ones I was in charge of during my professional life. I never regretted working with them. I think I tought them quite a lot, and they tought me a lot too, being a little bit resistant to computer science.

So, that brave Thomas, worried about my intelectual health after my transition to that supposed inactivity, boosted me to create that website. He was in charge of the "technical" part.

Nature made me curious, and gave me the chance to be fascinated by things. Thanks to these pages, I would like to share some of my passions with you.

Have a nice reading, Pierre MARANDET